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Suomen Museot Online - Collections


The following museums and collections are currently part of or in the process of joining the Finnish Museums Online:

  • Design Museum, Helsinki
  • The Joensuu Museums, Joensuu
  • Kuopio Museum, Kuopio
  • The Automobile and Road Museum Mobilia, Kangasala
  • National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki
    • Department of Archaeology, Helsinki
    • Department of Monuments and Sites, Helsinki
    • The Archives for Prints and Photographs, Helsinki
  • The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki
    • The Cygnaeus Gallery, Helsinki
    • The Museum of Cultures, Helsinki
    • Seurasaari Open Air Museum, Helsinki
    • The Maritime Museum of Finland, Kotka
  • The Museum Route Museums
    • Sarka – The Finnish Museum of Agriculture, Loimaa
    • Alastaron Kuutamokeikka ry, Alastaro
    • Emil Cedercreutz Museum, Harjavalta
    • Eurajoen Kotiseutuyhdistys (Local Heritage Society), Eurajoki
    • Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum, Siuntio
    • Hinnerjoen Kotiseutuyhdistys ry (Local Heritage and Museum Society), Eura
    • Kokemäki Agricultural Museum, Kokemäki
    • Kullaan kotiseutu- ja museoyhdistys (Local Heritage and Museum Society), Kullaa
    • Lempäälä-seura (Society), Lempäälä
    • Lepaa Garden Museum, Hattula
    • Liperi Agricultural Museum, Liperi
    • Pöytyän kotiseutuyhdistys, Pöytyä
    • Riuttalan Agricultural Museum, Karttula
    • Suomen Asutusmuseo, Lapinlahti
    • Virrat Traditional Village, Virrat
  • Tampere Museums Vapriikki, Tampere
  • Theatre Museum, Helsinki